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The Common Regret That Many of Us Will Face

Imagine 40 years from now, when you look back at your life, what do you want your life to look like? Will you feel deeply fulfilled and content with yourself for utilizing all that time to accomplish great things. 

Knowing that you’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of people in some way, and contributed towards making the world a better place. 

Knowing that you’ve worked towards gaining profound knowledge and wisdom of life, and now you’re seen as a wise, respectable person who people look up to. 

Knowing that you’ve cared deeply, loved fully, and cherished the people that matter. Realizing how much you’ve grown mentally and spiritually, and that the light in your heart shines brighter than ever. 

Feeling content that you didn’t waste your precious youthful years in things that didn’t matter at all. 

Knowing that you kept away from mentally and physically destructive things. Despite all the temptations and influence of society, you stood your ground and did what was the right thing to do.

Now, Of course, the story of your life won’t be picture-perfect. There would be a lot of instances when you made mistakes as well, sometimes big blunders and stupid decisions. There would be several times when you came across failures, difficult times, and maybe even downfalls, but you learned from each one of them and gained strength, wisdom, and humility.

Is this what you want to feel when you look back at your life, or will you feel the regret of not initiating, accomplishing, and working towards the things that you always wanted to do, the life that you always wanted to create, and the person that you always wished to be, but none of that happened, because you gave up or you got distracted or because you weren’t focused and serious about your growth and well-being, or maybe because you got under the influence of unhealthy friendships, flashy trends, uncontrolled desires, and never-ending laziness?

The love and care that you never expressed because of your ego, insecurity, or procrastination, and now those people aren’t in your life anymore.

That doesn’t look like a good position to be when you look back, does it? 

The other day I saw a video on people talking about their biggest regrets in life, and it featured people of all ages, kids, teenagers, young adults who have just started off in their lives, to middle-aged and elderly people who’ve seen a fair share of this world.

It was immediately noticeable that 95-99% of the adults regretted something that they DIDN’T do, instead of something that they did. 

When they were asked “What do you regret most in life”

Most of their sentences started with “NOT”

Not doing this…

Not doing that…

Not being…

Not knowing…


I wish I would’ve done this or that…

And as I pondered over this I felt driven to write this article and make an animated video that goes along with it. 

For most of my life, I’ve deeply believed in trying out the ideas, exploring possibilities, and discovering our hidden potentials, even if it meant facing failures, criticisms, and delayed milestones in life. But even after being fairly open to trying out and exploring new things in life, when I look back, I wish I would’ve done certain things that I didn’t do at the time, or that I would’ve utilized my time a lot better.

See, we are not here forever, and time flies by so quickly. Life doesn’t wait for us. Things change within you and outside of you. People enter and then leave your life, either because they’ve moved on or they’ve just passed away. Opportunities come and go, they don’t always remain the same either. 

Years down the road, we won’t regret being rejected or failing at something we tried, maybe some of us will, but the regret of not trying something that we believed in will be far greater than the pain of rejection or failure, 

The regret of not working on that unique idea in your mind or not daring to reach out for that opportunity, or giving up too early on that relationship and not trying to work things out, or not openly expressing your appreciation, love, and care for the loved one that passed away, or that revolutionary initiative that you believed might change the world or bring a positive change in the society but you never worked towards it, that is what will haunt us for life.

Let’s stop living our lives in fear, and take more chances, what’s the worst that would happen? Oftentimes we live paralyzed by fears that can’t even harm us.

Especially for the people in their 20s. Most of us millennials face an unimaginable amount of distractions which keep on increasing with every passing day. If we don’t manage all these distractions now and don’t make conscious decisions about what we let into our lives, we would be facing all sorts of imbalances that will affect our mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual health. 

Let’s take chances and some risks. Let’s take out time to discover ourselves, to learn about Life itself. Let take time to READ, gain knowledge and seek wisdom. Absorbing and reflecting over as much as you can. Let’s prioritize seeking purpose and meaning instead of chasing temporary whims and running behind every shiny object that crosses our path.

Let’s not get stuck in the rut of the conventional paths that most people take out of fear instilled in them by other people just so that they could live a so-called “secure” life.

Let’s not waste our precious youthful years scrolling through social media or playing video games all day every day.

Let’s Not waste our potential by coming under the influence of many of those so-called friends who are with you just for entertainment purposes. Let’s choose to spend more time with the ones who help us grow and become a better person instead.

It’s good to enjoy life, but when the enjoyment starts distracting us from our purpose and sabotaging our growth, that is when we need to step up for ourselves.

Let’s not be too quick to permanently label ourselves and our personalities based on online personality tests. Let’s stop saying things like “oh I’m like that, I can’t change”, that will only limit our growth and keep us away from God-knows whatever great possibilities that await us.

Let’s utilize this time and energy in crafting our thinking, our own identity, our place in the world. Realizing our weaknesses and working on them. Recognizing our strengths and learning to capitalize on them while also making a difference in the world.

Let’s focus more on Finding our calling and start living a more meaningful life…

From now on, let’s make a commitment, a promise to ourselves to put more conscious effort into appreciating life. 

If you like something about someone, say it. Express your love to your loved ones. Spend more quality time with people that matter in your life. Start working on that skill, that craft, that idea that you always thought about. Get into that hobby you always wanted. Start reading good books written by wise people so that you won’t repeat the same mistakes. Find people who’ll have a positive influence on you. Whom you can learn from and grow.

Let’s DO IT, my friend… There might not be a tomorrow… NOW is the right time!

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