How To Say NO: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

"The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say NO to almost everything." — Warren Buffet Always saying yes and agreeing to everything because of social pressure can be draining and exhausting. Have you suffered this “Ummm...yeah...sssure...” syndrome? Are you tired of being a YES-Man/Woman? We have our own life with limited time and so many things to do.  We have…

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6 Psychological Habits for Ultimate Personal Growth – GROWTH MINDSET

As the famous saying goes "success/growth is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics". If we want to grow forward in different areas of life, it is necessary that we develop a clear understanding of the mindset/psychology associated with the process of growth. Many of us focus on “HOW” to succeed at a particular thing but rarely ever think about what kind of a person do we have to…

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18 Steps To Fix A Toxic Relationship | In-Depth Guide

Often relationships seem to start out just fine but over time develop toxic patterns that negatively affect the quality of life for both people involved. Here we'll be looking into how to fix a toxic relationship and work towards getting our life back to harmony. Before we dive right into the answer, I must mention that the principles and solutions I am going to discuss below apply…

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How To Overcome Helplessness

Have you ever felt helplessly stuck in a certain area of life and wondered how to overcome this feeling of helplessness? How to get unstuck? Have you ever gone through thoughts like, “I feel like I have no control, I feel totally helpless” “I don’t think that things would change, there’s no hope” These are the kind of statements I’ve heard over and over again in my…

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How To Stop Worrying About Future?

Do you have the habit of worrying too much about the future and wondered how to stop this endless thought pattern of worry? When we pay attention to our thoughts, we find that most of our time is spent either dabbling in the past or thinking about what is up ahead in the future. Basically, “what happened” and “what might happen” takes up much of our mind…

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