150 Affirmations for Focus (Program Yourself for Mental Clarity, Achieve Goals & Beat Procrastination)

Achieving life goals, overcoming procrastination, attaining mental clarity, improving memory and concentration, these are the things most of us want to master or at least get better at. In essence, all of these things boil down to our ability to Focus.  It requires sheer focus to stay committed to our goals. Laser-sharp focus is what brings mental clarity. Procrastination and Focus cannot exist in the same room.…

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200+ Morning Affirmations You Must Go Through EVERY DAY

What are Positive Affirmations? Positive Affirmations are simple yet powerful sentences that you repeat often to reprogram your mind and redirect your thoughts towards a positive and desired outcome, while at the same time, overcome negative thoughts and emotions. Whenever you find yourself in any negative thoughts and emotions or stuck in life’s challenges, you can use certain positive affirmations to transform your mental and emotional state…

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The Art Of Simple Living: 34 Ways To Simplify Your Life Instantly!

In an age of information overload and material overflow, life has become more complex and cluttered than ever. To develop a great quality of living and to maintain your inner peace, harmony and your mental and physical health, it has become absolutely necessary to simplify your life as much as you can. What Does It Mean To Simplify Your Life? A simplified life is a life free…

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7 Tips To Fix Your Sleep Schedule and Reset Your Circadian Rhythm Naturally

We spend one-third (⅓) of our lives sleeping. There is a good reason why we spend such a big chunk of our lives in sleep.  During sleep, we not only recover and heal physically but also mentally. Our mind filters out, reorganized, saves and deletes all tons of data we take in when we are awake. This is the reason why 3-4 days of total sleep deprivation…

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38 Traits Of A True Alpha Male

The term “Alpha Male” has been popular over the internet for quite a while now and we see its use constantly without going into what being an alpha male truly means and what actually are the alpha male traits. Let’s dive deep into what characteristics and traits do real alpha men possess so that we men can practice and develop them within our lives and be the…

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32 Tips To Be More Creative In 2019

Creativity is the essence of living a happy, healthy, and a fulfilled life. Creative people tend to be better at finding solutions, come up with life-transforming ideas, more composed and productive under stressful situations and are overall more playful, vibrant, and full of life. Contrary to what many people would think, creativity is not something that only a select few possess. We all have some form of…

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How To Have An Amazing Personality | 12 Personality Enhancing Tips

Who doesn’t want to have a great personality? A positive, radiant, and charismatic personality makes great friends and wins many hearts. It is the key to connecting with people and having a great social life. Life is much more fun and interesting when you have a good, easy-going personality. To continuously grow and become a better version of ourselves, it is essential that we consciously work on…

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