200+ Affirmations You Must Go Through DAILY

Morning Affirmations

Affirmations are simple yet powerful sentences that you repeat often to reprogram your mind and redirect your thoughts towards a positive and desired outcome, while at the same time, overcome negative thoughts and emotions.

In this article, I’ve answered some frequently asked questions regarding the use of affirmations. You’ll also find 200+ daily affirmations which are divided into 15 lists for your ease that cover several areas of life.

You can choose to read the entire article or skip to your section of interest through the table of contents below:

Whenever you find yourself indulging in any negative thoughts and emotions or stuck in life’s challenges, you can use certain positive affirmations to transform your mental and emotional state immediately and begin to overcome those challenges.

The more powerfully you say an affirmation with absolute belief and faith, the more powerful the impact it will have on your life.

Having said that, let me mention that as you begin to use the affirmations that we’ll go through in a bit, you may or may not feel quite as certain regarding some of them.

It might even feel a bit uncomfortable and unusual to say some of the affirmations out loud, but that is totally natural and okay in the beginning.

The more regularly you repeat those affirmations, the more it will sink in and the more faith and certainty you’ll develop as you get better at it every day.

Do Positive Affirmations actually work?

Many people seem to be a bit skeptical about affirmations and might consider them unpractical, but what’s the reality?

Do affirmations really work?

The reality is, we’ve been using affirmations for thousands of years. Every major religion has some form of affirmations. Words and phrases that are mindfully repeated every day to program ourselves for the desired outcome, whether it be getting closer to God and attaining inner peace & tranquility, or protection from unwanted things.

The words we consistently speak has a direct impact on our subconscious mind. In essence, we program our subconscious mind with anything that is said or done repeatedly.

A Research study published in 2013 by J. David Creswell (& colleagues), shows that Self-Affirmations can greatly reduce stress and enhance our problem-solving ability, even in people who tend to be more stressed than usual.

Another study published in 2014 by S. Katherine Nelson (& colleagues) from the University of California suggests a noticeable improvement in the quality of lives of people who used affirmations daily. 

The participants who used affirmations every day for several weeks noticed a significant enhancement in their overall Well-Being and flow of life. They experienced a more meaningful and satisfying life. 

The effect of Affirmations on our subconscious mind

The quality of our life is directly influenced by how our minds are programmed. A person whose mind is programmed for positivity, creativity, solution-seeking, and productivity will definitely live a life that will be in stark contrast compared to someone whose mind is programmed for negativity, blaming, and victimization. 


We can REPROGRAM OUR MINDS so that we reap the quality of life that we desire.

And the good news is…

Reprogramming the mind can be very simple and straightforward. Just remember TWO fundamental things:

  1. Positive and empowering Suggestions/commands for your subconscious mind.

  2. Repetition of those suggestions/commands to strengthen and reinforce the new pattern and break the old ones forever. 

Affirmations play the role of giving suggestions and commands for the subconscious mind to adopt and operate on. And since repetition is the key to reinforce these positive commands, we must read or say the affirmations out loud regularly and make it a consistent habit.

So we are essentially reprogramming our minds are we say certain affirmations regularly. 

How easy is that! 

(by the way, I would recommend that you bookmark the link to this article or put a shortcut to it on your home-screen so that you can go through the affirmations frequently whenever you want to.)

How long do Affirmations take to work?

Well, it depends on how long you want it to take. The more you read and say these affirmations attentively with absolute belief, the faster and stronger impact they will have.

If you read these affirmations mindfully, briefly concentrating on each one, letting it sink inside your mind, body, and soul, you should feel a drastic change IMMEDIATELY!

As you go through this list of positive morning affirmations, you’ll find that by the end of it, your mental and emotional state will have completely changed for the better. (God-Willing)

And as you continue to do it every day, you’ll be reinforcing this positive change as it becomes permanent.

How do you choose the right affirmations for yourself?

Below are multiple lists of affirmations that cover several different areas of life which will hopefully help you overcome a variety of problems and life challenges. 

Go through all of them once as you read it for the first time, then if you like you can select those that are most relevant to you. Ideally, though, I would encourage that you don’t miss out on any.

Notice which affirmations impact you the most.

How many times should you repeat affirmations?

The more the better. There is no fixed value to it. But since I have named them “Morning Affirmations”, I would suggest that you go through them at least once in the morning, every day.

Morning is an amazing time and our mind is exceptionally receptive during the early hours of the day. Plus, it’s a good addition to start your day off on a positive note and taking all this positive energy into your day ahead.

Positive Affirmations to Calm Anxiety & Stress

1. I feel calm and peaceful, inside and out.

2. I am ABLE to handle any challenge that comes in the way.

3. I have hidden resources inside of me that unleash whenever I need them.

4. What I am feeling right now is actually my body reminding me to breathe deeply and relax.

5. “God does not burden anyone with more than they could bear” (Quran 2:286)

6. I can imagine everything going great. (and then imagine it clearly)

7. I put my trust in God. 

8. Everything is going to be okay.

9. Everything becomes easy when I take it ONE STEP at a time and break it down into small bite-sized chunks.

10. I can handle this effectively.

11. The more I do it, the easier it will get for me.

12. By the end of this, I will feel accomplished.

13. Relaxing is very easy for me. I just have to take 3 deep breaths.

14. Calmness and Relaxation come easily and naturally to me when I breathe deeply.

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Positive Affirmations to Start a Good Day

15. I am so blessed to have another day.

16. Let’s begin a beautiful and amazing day.

17. No matter what, I’ll make the best of this day!

18. I’m excited for all the good this day has to offer.

19. I’m excited about all the opportunities to learn today.

20. Regardless of whatever I experience today, it will add on to my wisdom and knowledge.

21. I choose to be happy today, no matter what!

22. I choose to start my day in a calm, relaxed and tranquil state.

23. I am ready for whatever this lovely day has to offer!

24. Either today goes according to my plan or it doesn’t, it’s all part of God’s higher plan and I’m deeply content with it.

Positive Affirmations to Boost Your Mood and Feel Happy

25. I feel ALIVE!

26. I approach all challenges with a curious attitude.

27. I allow myself to experience calmness and joy regardless of what happens around me.

28. I feel blessed and deeply grateful for all the blessings in my life right now.

29. I am excited about all the blessings that the future brings.

30. I choose to be happy NOW.

31. I free my happiness from all conditions and dependencies.

32. I choose to be happy regardless of external circumstances and people.

33. I choose to feel GREAT! 

34. Life is wonderful with all its phases and seasons. 

35. Tranquility and joy are my default state.

36. I expand my “good feelings” more and more as it gradually lights up all the areas of my life.

37. Feeling calm and tranquil is easy, I can just close my eyes for 10 seconds and take a couple of deep refreshing breaths right now!

38. Tranquility, calmness, and joy are natural states.

39. Tranquility, calmness, and joy come very easily and naturally to me.

40. I find reasons and excuses to feel joyful and happy even in everyday blessings.

41. I feel excitement and creativity in the smallest of activities.

Positive Affirmations for Good Health & Healing

42. My body is capable of healing itself naturally and automatically.

43. I am constantly receiving God’s Divine Healing.

44. Every single part of my body is filled with the divine light that heals me perfectly.

45. Healing runs through my veins, removing any imperfections it finds and mending any tissue that needs to heal.

46. Healing is within me Now.

47. I continue to be healthier.

48. Every breath cleanses my system more and more.

49. I allow myself to Heal fully.

50. I’m entering into more health and harmony NOW.

51. Healing is within my genetic code. 

52. My body continues to heal and harmonize itself as it has been doing since I was a small child.

53. I focus my subconscious energies on Healing.

54. My body can easily and naturally fight off anything that causes disharmony without me knowing.

Positive Affirmations to Forgive Yourself

55. I let go of anything that I use to hold against myself, either consciously or unconsciously.

56. Everybody makes mistakes and that is absolutely okay.

57. I have learned from my mistakes and I will make amends from now on.

58. I forgive myself fully and completely.

59. If I didn’t make those mistakes, I wouldn’t have learned. It’s all a part of God’s Divine plan.

60. I accept my weaknesses and shortcomings, so as my strengths and all good qualities.

61. Nobody is perfect. It’s unfair to expect perfection from myself or from anyone else.

Positive Affirmations for Letting Go

62. I choose to let go of anything that is holding me back

63. I release all the negative thoughts and emotions that were trapped inside me from the past, and now I cleanse myself from it, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

64. I release all the burden that I might be holding on to. I set myself free from it.

65. I allow myself to let go of any anger or animosity I might be holding against anyone. 

66. I free myself from anger. 

67. I let go of the outer shell that I made to hide my insecurities. I let go of the fear to expose my vulnerabilities. Every human is vulnerable. That’s how we deeply experience and live life to the fullest.

68. I let go of all the fears I had about the future and I choose to embrace and enjoy my present.

69. I leave my worries about the future to God. He is the One who controls the future. He’ll make things better.

70. I let go of the mistakes I’ve made in the past. They served their purpose of teaching me wisdom and important life lessons. Now I can move on and make my life better through all those learnings and experiences I have.

71. I let go of the mistakes of other people. We all are human beings and even the best of us makes mistakes. 

72. I choose to let go of any bad things that anyone has said to me.
They might be having a bad day themselves or dealing with some personal problems, loss, grief, or stress, or it’s just that the pain and challenges they might have gone through, shaped them to be rude or insecure. I empathize with them as I let go.

73. I release and let go of any negative belief I had about myself, other people or the world in general.

74. I leave any negative, disempowering perception that I had of the world and people, which had let me into negative states of mind.

75. With a deep inhale, I allow positivity to enter me, and with a long exhale, I release and let go of any negativity as it leaves my mind, spirit, and body for good.

Positive Affirmations to Remove Negativity & Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

76. I acknowledge whatever causes disharmony in my mind, soul, and body, and I RELEASE it.

77. I replace whatever discomforting emotions or thoughts I might have had with a cleansing deep breath that fills me with positivity. 

78. I have the choice to choose positivity or negativity. I choose positivity in my life.

79. Positive thoughts and positive energies nourish my soul.

80. I AM Positivity.

81. My mind now operates in a more positive state and the positivity continues to increase with each passing day.

82. I only allow positive thoughts to flow through my mind.

83. I only allow positive energy to flow through my body and soul.

84. I learn from the positive people and I adopt their healthy habits and positive thoughts.

85. It’s easier and natural to be positive. 

86. If I ever find myself in a state that does not serve me well, I can easily and naturally shift into a positive and relaxing state. 

87. It’s very easy to relax now as I center my attention and deep a few deep breaths to relax completely.

88. I am a calm, positive and tranquil soul. I’m destined to be calm and positive.

89. I feel calm and relaxed as I say these affirmations or even them. I can feel the positive light flowing through me.

90. I remember God and ask for His Support and Protection. His light encompasses my life completely.

Positive Affirmations for Energy & Vitality

91. The more I take care of my body, the more energy, and vitality I experience.

92. I am mindful of what thoughts I let into my mind and what foods I allow into my body. As a result, I’m rewarded with increasing energy.

93. I choose to be vibrant. I choose to be radiant.

94. Good energy radiates through me into other areas of my life and the people I interact with.

95. Whenever I feel less energy, I just take a break to recharge myself in the ways I like best.

96. I feel Alive! I am Energetic!

97. I am Active NOW.

98. I love to move my body. It increases my flow of energy.

99. I nourish my body with natural, harmonious foods and as a result, my vitality keeps on increasing.

100. I love to be active and creative.

101. Whenever I feel a bit low, I immediately take action to increase my energy. Whether it be through standing up and taking a short brisk walk within my room or outside, or just calling somebody who is active, positive, and energetic.

102. The entire universe is made of energy at the atomic level. Hence I AM ENERGY.

Positive Affirmations for Self Worth & Self Love

103. I am worthy and valuable as any other person.

104. God has created me uniquely beautiful.

105. It’s unfair to compare myself to someone else.

106. I FREE myself from comparison.

107. I RELEASE all the pressures or burdens I’ve ever put on myself. 

108. I AM LOVE. 

109. I spread love. I receive love.

110. I am kind and generous with myself.

111. I am a marvelous creation of God.

112. I am the manifestation of the Powerful Will of the Almighty.

113. I respect myself as a person.

114. God’s Love is circulating in my life in unique ways.

115. I take charge of my self-worth. 

116. I Stop letting anyone else define my worth. I am the one who defines my own worth.

117. I choose to love myself in a similar way that I love people who are dear to me.

118. I respect and love the person I’m seeing in this mirror. What a unique creation of Almighty. (say this when you look at yourself in the mirror)

Positive Affirmations to Overcome Social Anxiety

119. I am relaxed around people.

120. Meeting new people excites me.

121. I love to talk and get to know other people.

122. Other people are only human just like me.

123. I am comfortable starting a conversation with someone.

124. People seem interesting to me. I’m interested to talk to them and get to know more about them.

125. I am a good listener and I participate in conversations.

126. I am a good person and people think good of me when they meet me.

127. Every new person I meet is a new opportunity to learn something new.

128. You never know which next person you talk to can potentially become a life long friend. This motivates me to interact with people more.

129. Socializing is pretty easy.

130. The more I talk to people, the easier and more natural it gets for me to socialize effortlessly.

131. When I am relaxed around people, I socialize naturally and effortlessly.

132. We, humans, are naturally designed to interact with each other and connect.

133. I empathize with other people which makes me a good listener and natural communicator.

134. People are drawn to talk to me because they feel good talking to me.

135. People share their stories with me or tell me about their achievements because they trust me and see me as a relatable and genuine person.

136. I am expressive when I talk. 

137. Maintaining eye contact with easy. It makes me connect with people even more.

138. I’m confident, relaxed, and well-grounded whether I’m by myself or in public.

139. People see me as a relaxed and chill person, which makes me a source of inspiration for them to be relaxed and confident in social settings as well.

140. I enjoy eating in social gatherings. The food is just too good!

Positive Affirmations to Overcome Fear

141. I acknowledge what I’m feeling and I come to harmony with it as it now begins to fade away.

142. FEAR is nothing but “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

143. Being Fearless is my birthright. I was born without most of these fears.

144. I set myself free from any fear that holds me back from growth and progress.

145. I choose to be fearless NOW.


147. I AM BRAVE.


149. I have the courage to take beneficial risks.

150. Everything will eventually be all right.

151. I stand tall and brave in the face of fears.

152. Fear is just a feeling produced by the imagination of the mind.

153. It’s just my imagination exaggerating things a bit, that’s all.

154. I have the strength to overcome hurdles and challenges.

155. God is with me, protecting me. Nothing can hurt me.

156. Just in case, even if the worst happens, I’ll cope with it and overcome it with God’s Help.

157. I relax now and unleash the hidden confidence that lies inside me naturally.

158. Sometimes fear is just my body’s attempt to prepare me, and make me sharp and alert. That’ll all.

Positive Affirmations for Growth & Abundance

159. I learn and grow in some way every single day.

160. I am a seeker of Wisdom and Growth, and I make conscious efforts to grow forward.

161. I Grow regularly and consistently.

162. I am so grateful for all the beautiful blessings in my life.

163. I am deeply content with my blessings and I’m curious about what more God has for me.

164. God has put all these immense resources in the world at my disposal. I just have to do my part and reach out.

165. Abundance flows into my life Now.

166. I love to give back and share my blessings.

167. Wealth and Abundance are beginning to flow through me naturally now.

168. The more I move forward, the more easily wealth and abundance flow into my life.

169. Richness is not just limited to money. Richness is an experience of the soul.

170. With all these blessings from God, I choose to feel rich at heart, regardless of the numbers of my bank balance.

171. I feel freely abundant.

172. Money is a tool, just like many other things in life, and I choose to utilize it wisely.

173. I work every single day on improving myself and my experience of life.

174. Good things come with consistency and patience.

175. God’s delays, aren’t God’s denials. I put my trust in God as I give my best efforts.

176. I am deeply thankful for every meal I have and the good people I have the privilege to know and have in my life.

177. I radiate love from my heart and I receive it back manifolds.

178. I motivate and encourage people in their journey of growth and prosperity. As a result, God fills my life with even more growth and abundance.

179. I let go of any insecurities I had regarding money.

180. I let go of any limiting beliefs I had regarding Wealth and Abundance.

181. I choose to feel secure now as I perceive abundance flowing into my life.

Positive Affirmations for Self Esteem and Confidence

182. I respect myself as an individual.

183. I acknowledge my worth and value.

184. I realize my strengths and abilities.

185. I am blessed with immense potentials that I continue to discover.

186. I unleash my hidden strengths.

187. I have my own individual values, choices, likes, dislikes and personal boundaries.

188. I maintain my personal standards and I live up to them.

189. I respect the person I see in the mirror.

190. I choose to stand by my values and hold my ground.

191. I can gracefully decline or refuse anything that goes against my values.

192. I say NO as easily as I say YES. In fact, it’s a smaller word.

193. I am at peace with my imperfections. That’s what makes us human.

194. I learn from my shortcomings, and I grow stronger and better than before.

195. I respect my personal space and I have the full right to maintain my boundaries.

196. I have the full right to make my own choices and make my own decisions.

197. I am self-reliant and independent. The only entity I depend and rely upon is God.

198. I only surrender and bow down in front of God and I refuse to surrender in front of anyone else.

Positive Affirmations for Life

199. The beauty of life lies in how I perceive it.

200. I have a beautiful mind and so I experience life as a beautiful and adventurous journey.

201. I live life with an optimistic attitude.

202. I live my life with energy and curiosity.

203. I continue to improve the quality of my life every day as I keep learning more and more.

204. I dedicate my life to values of contribution, kindness, and growth.

205. I dedicate my life to serve God and humanity with the best of my abilities.

206. My life is filled with countless blessings and I cherish every one of them

207. I am deeply grateful for this life.

208. This life is an opportunity to discover and explore my truest potentials.

209. It’s a wonderful life.

Positive Affirmations for Work

210. I’m a growth-oriented person and I seek new opportunities.

211. I hone my skills and improve my performance every day at work.

212. I build good, genuine relationships with people at work.

213. I find new ways to work smarter and get things done more efficiently.

214. I work with enthusiasm and deep interest.

215. I go to work with a positive attitude and come back home satisfied with my performance.

216. I am not confined to any company or person for my growth. I am free to be independent and self-reliant.

217. I am free from bounds. I can make my own decisions regarding the direction of my work-life and finances.

218. I am a good team player and at the same time, I am a good solo player as well.

219. I seek and learn the knowledge and skills required for me to become successful in my profession.

220. I express my creativity through my work.

Final Thoughts

Ideally, read these affirmations aloud. You can whisper if you are surrounded by people. But remember to put power and concentration into these affirmations as you say it. Feel it within your heart, experience it within your body, install it deeply into your mind. 

The more emotion and focus you give it, the more it will sink in deeper, the better the impact.

Again, bookmark this article to use these affirmations daily for the next couple of weeks and notice the impact. I would love to know about your experience, let me know in the comments below.

If you have some additional affirmations in your mind, feel free to share in the comments.

Till next time…

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