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Hi! I’m Ahmed Faraz Khan,
the author of Online Life Guide Blog and a Life Coach.

I’m glad you stumbled upon this blog as I have a lot to offer and share with you.

One thing you’ll immediately notice as you dive into my in-depth guides and articles that this is not a traditional self-help blog.

The essence of Online Life Guide is to provide you with in-depth guidance, practical solutions, proven tools and techniques used in professional coaching practices.

Thousands of readers dive deep into the guides and articles here each month, exploring the tools, possibilities, and ideas to create a fulfilling life and overcome challenges.

Certain Guides here will make you feel as if you’re taking a life coaching session or a self-help workshop.

Providing the best value to you has been my top priority since day one of starting this blog. I want you to take away something actionable that you can implement immediately in your life whenever you read one of my guides and articles.

You can start by scrolling down and taking a look at the different sections of ever-increasing content.

Or you can just click “All Guides & Articles” in the menu to browse through all the content in one place.

I’m deeply grateful for every single one of my readers whom I got the opportunity to impact in some positive way and as a Gift of Gratitude, I would like to give you my 18 Minute Guided Deep Relaxation Therapy for Free!

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Detailed Personal Development Guides designed to provide you with knowledge, insights, and practical steps to make a shift in your life starting NOW! 

With concepts and ideas explained in depth, coupled with practical solutions, steps, strategies, and tools, you’ll get a complete package at one place.  


Here you’ll find a good variety of life-tips and ideas that you can apply immediately to take your life to the next level. 

Quick, effective, to-the-point!  


In this section, you’ll find: 
(1) Life Transforming Insights and pearls of wisdom that are rarely touched upon.
(2) Power Stories filled with wisdom and life lessons.

Many teachers of wisdom, most of the religious scriptures, and even world renowned therapists told great stories to heal people and deliver vast wisdom and life lessons in a condensed form.

Our subscious mind tends to model the hidden lessons in the stories, making story-telling one of the  besttools to teach and learn.


The vision behind OnlineLifeGuide.com is to provide detailed and in-depth guides that will help you design and craft a life of deep fulfillment.

To equip you with the knowledge, wisdom, and tools to take your life to a higher level. 

If you are serious about your growth and purpose, and you are open to learn and explore life to the fullest then this is absolutely the place for you.

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