Please note that I’m not taking new coaching clients as of now.
However, you will find an ever-increasing library of Self-Help Guides on this website where I pour my
experience in the feild of Life Coaching, Self-Help, and Psychology to guide and hopefully help the readers to the best of my ability.

Ahmed Faraz Khan

I’m Ahmed Faraz Khan, the author of and a Life Coach. I help determined people become the best version of themselves.

If you are determined to grow and transform your life, and want me to work with you One-on-One to take your life on the journey to become a higher, stronger and wiser version of yourself, take a look at the options below. 

Looking forward to working with you.




A life without a clear purpose and vision is like a ship without a radar and a map, lost in the middle of the ocean. Discover what your life is about and how can you fulfill your true purpose.


We cannot say YES to everything. It is important that we know exactly when to say YES and when to say NO. I'll help you gain clarity in your values and priorities so that you become crystal clear regarding which direction to follow.


No matter where you are at life right now, you can always be so much more than you are. Let's work on how you can tap into your hidden potentials and become the best version of yourself.


The biggest transformation in life begins with the transformation of the mind. During the conversations with me, you'll notice sometimes huge and sometimes very subtle shifts in your thinking every now and then. Getting Life Coaching will facilitate you to tap into your higher thinking abilities.

Develop powerful Tools And Empowering Habits

You'll learn lifelong tools and techniques that'll help you overcome hurdles, resolve problems, handle situations in a calm and positive way, and come up with creative solutions in different areas of your life. You'll no longer feel helpless or stuck because once you develop the empowering tools and habits that I'll teach you, you will always have them in your toolbox whenever you need them at any point in life.


Are you struggling with setting goals/visions and how exactly to achieve them? Let's work on how you can set better goals and visions, so that you are actually able to work towards their fulfillment.

Build Confidence to step forward

Is hesitation and self-doubt getting in your way? We'll work together to build unshakeable confidence within you so you live your life assertively with your head held high.


During our conversations in a life coaching session, you'll often get insights that might never have crossed your mind and can potentially transform your approach towards that particular thing, the way you carry yourself, and how you operate in life.

Stay motivated and inspired towards your goals

Many people take initiative towards their dreams. They start something, but most of them never follow through consistently and give up midway.
As your Coach, I'll keep you accountable for your goals and give you a push when you need it so you stay driven on your track.

Get appropriate guidance and support on your Journey

As you venture onto the journey of success, your direction can sometimes get blurry, things can feel out of reach, or you might lose your ground. Let's make sure that does NOT happen.
During such phases, appropriate guidance and sincere support can be a game-changer.

What others are saying
(Client Testimonials & Feedback)

"My experience with Ahmed Faraz Khan was a blessing from Allah and a cure that I didn't even knew I had an issue for, Alhamdulillah. He guides with utmost sincerity as if it directly affects him. Humble, Respectable, and an old school wise teacher who always enables the person in contact to Empowerment, rather than ensuring dependency upon himself. And I really don't think words can do justice for the level of احسان he has done upon me."
Client avatar 2
ambreen abbasi
Trainer and Counselor
Life is like a Rubix cube and if you don't know how to solve it, you need Ahmed Faraz's help. Here are the points regarding which he guided me:

- Clearing all the confusions in my head that stood against my focus
- Setting vision/short & long term goals
- Achieving those goals
- How to & where to focus - Understanding what I really want out of this life

Having an unclear purpose of life could be dangerous. So if you think you are being unproductive at work, gradually losing the focus you had and fed up with all the questions in your head? Ahmed Faraz Khan is the guy that can help you get along. 100% recommended!
Client avatar 3
MUhammad Muneer Khan
UI Engineer
"I just wanted to thank you for so long, the part you have played in my life to make it better, I just can't explain it. I went to Umrah also and prayed for you too. Ma-shaa-Allah my married life is so much better and I'm living happily, leaving all my sorrows and complains behind. Thanks a lot. Lots of prayers for you and your family."
Client avatar
shahtaj Tahir
Graphic Designer
"I used to have a negative outlook on life before. I used to take petty things at heart and had a very serious attitude overall. But since I got life coaching from you, the negativity finished almost entirely from my mind.
I have become quite jolly, playful, and light-natured overall.
During life's challenges I used to get quite tensed and stressed before, but since take coaching from you I can now let go of the tension and stress. Now I have a positive outlook on things. I'm hopeful for the future and I believe in good things to come ahead in life."
Kashif Hussain
MBA, Teacher
"Getting Life Coaching with Ahmed Faraz Khan was something remarkable and exceptional. The major change he brought in my life was to shut the inner critique voice in my head, the voice that used to hold me back and doubt myself and my decisions.
My decision making ability has now improved as I don't get pressurized by the inner voice anymore.
I am obliged and grateful from the core of my heart.
Regards and well wishes for him and his family."
Sarfaraz jaliawala
Digital Marketing Consultant
"My life coaching experience with Mr. Khan has really been a good one...I know him for many years... He is honest, kind, and a real gentleman. You can talk about any concerning matter with him and he will guide you towards the positive direction. I would really recommend him as a Life Coach."
Business Owner

Frequently asked questions

Have you ever seen or heard of a sports or fitness coach? 

The sports coach works with the players to bring the best out of them. 

When the players get stuck in their performance the coach pushes them in the right direction for them to perform at their best. 

When the players get tired or frustrated, the coach motivates them and provides appropriate support. 

When the players are uncertain and unclear about how to perform in the next game, the coach guides them to get crystal clarity and absolute certainty so they take a leap with utmost confidence.

As the player-coach relationship develops, the coach knows the strengths and weaknesses of the player. So he guides and trains him/her according to their own individual traits for them to shine bright in their own way.

Life Coaching is no different.

If you are a person who is looking to grow and transform yourself and your life, then yes, Life Coaching is for you. 

It is for anyone who wants to enhance the quality of their life, get rid of whatever is limiting them, expand their boundaries, and experience the joy of living a content life. Someone who is open-minded, who is ready to take action, and the one who knows the value of “self-investment“. 

If the pricing of the sessions bother you, then frankly your mindset is not suitable for Life Coaching. Shift this thinking before you apply to take coaching from me. 

This is “investment” NOT “expense”. When you invest in your own personal growth, you’ll multiply it manyfolds further down the road. 

I believe in enabling people, so the things you’ll learn here will be a lifelong asset for you that’ll be in your arsenal whenever you need them.

Also, if your approach towards life coaching is that “I” will change your life for you, then you need to realign your approach. 

Yes the process we’ll go through and the guidance you’ll get in my coaching sessions will be transformational (In-shaa-Allah). It is YOU who have to TAKE ACTION and stick to the guidance provided. 

God helps those who help themselves. You must be ready to follow the guidance and action plan that we will come up with together during our conversations.  


The effects of getting life coaching with me have proven to be therapeutic to several people, yet this is NOT therapy.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a therapist, psychologist, or a psychiatrist, I’m NOT the right person for you.

It’s like asking, “how many days do I have to go to gym to become healthy?”

This direction of thinking is problematic in itself. Since it shows that the person asking such questions subconsciously wants to get rid of the process of health and fitness as soon as possible.

You must, in fact, focus on this opportunity to transform your life for the better.

Now I understand that many people might ask this to get an idea of the total investment they would be making.

The answer is, your growth starts the day you take initiative to get life coaching. 

It all depends on how far you want to go, and how much you are willing to invest in your own growth and fulfillment. 

Similar to physical fitness, where instead of focusing on how many times you have to go to the gym, you focus on creating an overall healthy lifestyle 24/7. 

The efforts you make in the gym will be beneficial when you take charge of other things affecting your health like eating and sleeping habits. If someone goes to the gym yet eats junk, smokes, and sleeps irregularly, how will the gym or the fitness trainer bring any benefit if the person is not willing to take action?

Some people take coaching for a very specific thing, so they might take one or two sessions, while others want to work on improving in a certain area of their life so they take several coaching sessions until they have obtained their desired outcome for that area.

Now some people want to keep on growing consistently, and they realize the value of investment on personal growth, so they keep on taking sessions every now and then, to stay motivated and driven towards their goals, or whenever they need inspiration. 

Either way, I intend to equip you with life-long tools and revolutionize your thinking in a way that it will keep on serving you with or without me (In-shaa-Allah). I wish to empower you within your own self so my voice goes with you wherever you go in life.

Now, make your choice.

Simply fill the form at the end of this page and select your desired mode of coaching.

Once you do that, I’ll email you regarding the fee payment details.

Once you pay the fee, you will be registered for that particular option/package you signed up for. 

If you register for a Discovery Session or Progressive Coaching package, I’ll appoint you a date and time that suits us both.

When you register for “Get Coaching Over Text/Audio” package, I’ll add you on Whatsapp and let you know the starting and the expiration date of your package.

If for any reason (power cut-off, losing internet connection, etc.) the call gets disconnected on either side and it is not possible to reconnect immediately, I’ll reschedule the remaining time of the session to a suitable date and time, so we can continue where we left off. No worries.

If you want one of your loved ones to get coaching and guidance, let them take the first step. Have a positive and peaceful conversation with them and describe to them how Life Coaching can benefit their life.

I do not advocate forcefully pushing someone to get coaching when they themselves are not willing at heart. It won’t be as much productive for them. 

Life Coaching requires willingness of a person to grow forward and take action.

If you have any further queries or need further clarification regarding the following coaching packages, contact me at [email protected].

Choose the perfect plan for you

Decide Which Option Suits You Best

Please Note: Bookings for Life Coaching sessions are currently unavailable.


progressive coaching


8 Weeks of coaching

We’ll focus on your strengths and look into what is limiting you from living your best life. We’ll also go deep into discovering purpose, and developing crystal clear Visions and Goals.

We’ll dive deeper into how different aspects of your mindset, your subconscious thoughts and actions are affecting the quality of your life, and how exactly to reprogram your mind to experience a Great quality of life. A life of joy, peace, contentment, and happiness.

We’ll play with time. We’ll go into the past and release whatever is holding you back through mind programming techniques. Then we’ll explore the present before going into the future to program your mind for the Amazing Possibilities that are waiting for you up ahead.​

In the last 2 weeks, I’ll help you make some crucial shifts and take some decisions that’ll transform your life for the better. We’ll also create a strategic plan for you, so you have a clear strategy to perform at your peak in any area of your life.




7 days of coaching

Discovery & Clarity session


90 minutes of coaching

As you fill the form below, make sure to select your preferred coaching package.