28 Affirmations for Fear of Flying (Flight Anxiety)

Calming Affirmations for Fear of Flying

The following Affirmations for Overcoming the Fear of Flying (Aviophobia or aerophobia) are designed specifically to cover the different aspects and challenges when it comes to dealing with anxiety associated with flying in airplanes.

These affirmations will help you get into the right state mentally and emotionally to overcome your fears, get into a more relaxed mindset, and overcome the anxieties that have been affecting your travel and ultimately the quality of your life.

Conquering Aviophobia: How Affirmations Can Help

How Affirmations Can Help with Aviophobia

Aviophobia, the fear of flying or flight anxiety, presents a significant obstacle for a lot of people seeking to explore the world or fulfill professional travel obligations. While statistics consistently rank air travel as the safest mode of transportation, for individuals with aviophobia, the emotional impact can be deeply unsettling.

This article delves into the potential of affirmations that are designed to reframe negative thought patterns, as a tool to empower people with aviophobia to navigate their anxieties and embrace the freedom of air travel. 

By understanding the psychological mechanisms by which affirmations work, we will explore how using the following affirmations will equip you with the tools necessary to overcome your fear and confidently take flight.

Understanding How Affirmations Work

Affirmations work by rewiring your thought patterns. By consistently repeating positive statements, you can challenge negative thought patterns and cultivate a sense of calm and control.

The repetition of affirmations helps to create new neural pathways in the brain, strengthening positive thoughts and beliefs.

When used for the fear of flying, affirmations can help address specific anxieties, creating a sense of safety and trust in the flying experience.

28 Affirmations to Overcome Fear of Flying

28 Affirmations to Overcome Fear of Flying

Below are carefully selected affirmations divided into 4 categories addressing the different factors that usually become the cause of anxiety before and during flights:

Affirmations for Calming Flight Anxiety

  1. I am calm and collected. My breath is steady, and my thoughts are clear.
  2. I trust the expertise of the pilots and crew. They are highly trained professionals.
  3. Flying is a safe and efficient way to travel. Millions of people do it every day.
  4. I am excited about my journey and the new experiences that await me.
  5. I release any negativity and choose to focus on the positive aspects of my trip.
  6. I visualize myself arriving at my destination feeling happy and relaxed.
  7. I am grateful for the opportunity to explore the world and expand my horizons.

Embracing Flight Turbulence with Confidence

  1. Turbulence is a normal part of flying. It doesn’t signify danger.
  2. The plane is built to withstand turbulence. I am safe and secure.
  3. I take deep breaths and focus on calming my physical sensations.
  4. I distract myself with music, reading, or conversation during turbulence.
  5. I trust that the pilots are trained to handle turbulence with skill and experience.
  6. I remind myself that turbulence is temporary and will pass soon.
  7. I choose to remain calm and positive during any turbulence encountered.

Landing with Peace and Gratitude

  1. As the plane descends, I feel a sense of peace and anticipation.
  2. The landing gear touches down smoothly, and I feel a wave of relief.
  3. I am grateful for the safe and successful journey.
  4. I step off the plane feeling refreshed and energized.
  5. I am excited to begin my adventure at my destination.
  6. I am proud of myself for overcoming my fear and taking flight.
  7. The world is now open to me, and I am ready to explore it!

Affirmations for a Smooth Journey

  1. I am surrounded by a supportive energy field, ensuring a calm and peaceful flight.
  2. My mind and body are in perfect harmony, ready for a restful and enjoyable journey.
  3. I visualize the plane effortlessly gliding through the air, bathed in sunshine.
  4. My intuition guides me, in choosing the best flight option for a smooth and successful journey.
  5. Positive energy flows through me, replacing any anxiety with excitement for the adventure ahead.
  6. Gratitude fills my heart for the opportunity to travel and explore the wonders of the world.
  7. I trust the universe to orchestrate a seamless and joyful flight experience.

How to Use These Affirmations to Overcome Fear of Flying

How to Use These Affirmations to Overcome Fear of Flying
1.Pick the top 10 affirmations for overcoming fear of flying that are relevant to your particular situation and resonate with you the most. The ones that connect with you on a deeper level and feel the most meaningful to you.
2.Write those affirmations on paper or your phone and dedicate 5-10 minutes each day to focus on these affirmations. Pick a time that suits you best. First thing in the morning, during lunch break, before bed, or when you find yourself experiencing fear and anxiety (which is the best time to use these affirmations!).
3.As you say these affirmations, visualize them as if it’s your current reality. Vividly see yourself in a confident and relaxed state, handling tasks with ease, achieving your goals, and operating at your best potential. 
4.As you do this practice, notice the shifts in your state of mind. Notice how you subtly grow more relaxed and confident, feeling a sense of calm and contentment. Also notice any doubts, negative thoughts, or anxiety creeping in during this practice. Acknowledge those thoughts and gently let them go. It’s okay. You’re doing just fine. Just bring your focus back on positive and proactive thoughts and visualization.
5.Be gentle and patient with yourself. It can take some time to start reaping the benefits of this practice. If you don’t feel any significant improvement in the first couple of days, it’s okay. Just trust the process and be consistent in your use of these affirmations.
6.Periodically switch up your list of top 10 affirmations and pick new affirmations from this list. Bookmark this page so it’s easier for you to return to this list.
7.Remember that affirmations are a “tool” designed to help you positively reprogram your mind toward improvement. Affirmations work best when complemented with practical actions such as setting goals for improvement, taking measures to eliminate negativity and distractions as much as possible, and practicing mindfulness in your everyday life.

Beyond Takeoff

Beyond Takeoff...

While affirmations can be a powerful tool for managing anxiety and fear, it’s important to remember that overcoming aviophobia will be a process, not a single flight or a one-time use of affirmations.

Celebrate your successes, but also acknowledge that the path to overcoming your anxiety about flying might not be linear. It might have some ups and downs, and that’s natural.

Be patient with yourself, and remember that each flight will serve as exposure therapy and will be a valuable learning experience. 

Embrace the excitement of new experiences, the connections made during your travel, the interaction with different cultures, and the personal growth that comes not just from traveling but from facing your fears. 

Turn the prospect of flying into a source of empowerment and the key to unlocking a world of possibilities through consistent use of these affirmations.

Affirmations for Other Fears

If you have any other fears or anxieties that have been limiting your life and keeping you from experiencing life to the fullest, please check out THIS article where you’ll find a whole list of affirmations specialized for different kinds of fears.

Hope it serves you well. Take good care and I’ll see you in the next post!

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