75 Science-Based Affirmations for Healing and Good Health | Full Guide

Have you been looking for healing affirmations on the internet but found the same generic affirmations everywhere? I know, I’ve been there. 

In this article, we’ll dive deep into how you can use affirmations to heal your body. Each affirmation is carefully crafted while being mindful of the principles of psychology and mind sciences. 

I’m fortunate to have a background in Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnotherapy and I’ve utilized whatever I’ve learned over the years to design effective healing affirmations. Hope it serves you well. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in this guide:

How Affirmations Work

how affirmations work

Our mental state is strongly connected with our linguistics, i.e. the words we use to express ourselves, whether in our thoughts or speech. 

Simply put, the words or phrases we think and speak too often serve as suggestions to our subconscious mind.

If there are a lot of negative words in your everyday vocabulary or you are constantly thinking negative thoughts and assumptions, it will directly impact the quality of your life in a myriad of ways.

If used mindfully and consistently, affirmations serve as positive signals and suggestions to your nervous system. It’s an actual neurological process.

The effectiveness of affirmations is backed up by well-established psychological theories

In fact, affirming ourselves is a natural part of our psychology. You might have affirmed yourself at some point with phrases such as:

“I can get through this.”

“This shall pass.”

“I can handle this.”

The popular Self-Affirmations Theory by Claude M. Steele suggests that self-affirmations are a natural part of our psyche that helps preserve our sense of integrity and adequacy.

Can Affirmations Heal Your Body?

Can affirmations heal your body

There have been many studies on the mind-body connection and the impact our mental state has on our health. 

Many diseases have been linked to stress, past unhealed traumas, and even our beliefs.

On the other hand, many cures and improvements in the quality of health have been found to be linked to a positive set of beliefs, proactive behaviors, and a relaxed state of mind according to many studies.

Experts in the field of Progressive Medicine say that the human body is programmed to heal itself perfectly.

Our body is equipped with all the necessary tools and abilities to restore itself to its healthier version if we remove the things that are getting in the way of our healing.

The two most prominent things that get in the way of healing are:

  • A negative state of mind
  • An unhealthy lifestyle (bad eating and sleeping habits + low physical activity).

Healing Affirmations can help improve the state of our mind and put us in a more positive, proactive, relaxed, and hopeful state which sends strong signals to our nervous system to facilitate the healing process.

There have been numerous instances where people recovered from terminal cancer by shifting the quality of their thoughts and beliefs, coupled with improvements in their lifestyle and eating habits.

If you wish to dive deeper into the wonders of the Mind-Body connection, a really good article on the subject is published on Berkeley University’s website by psychologist Jill Suttie, Psy.D.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the 75 Healing Affirmations for recovery and better health.

75 Affirmations for Healing and Good Health

1. My body is fully capable of healing itself.

2. My immune system is working efficiently 24/7 to fight off anything that might be harmful or unfavorable to my health.

3. I let go of negative thoughts and worries as I allow my body to heal.

4. I can imagine my immune system fighting off and killing any disease-causing cells or microorganisms.

5. My body is constantly working to restore itself to its perfectly healthy form.

6. I allow my body to restore itself fully.

7. I let go of any thoughts or emotions that might be getting in the way of my body’s restoration process.

8. I choose positive and healing thoughts over worries.

9. Every positive thought is like a healing ray of light that runs through my body.

10. I allow myself to rest as my body mends itself.

11. I acknowledge whatever my body is going through right now and I give it the necessary care it needs to heal itself.

12. I allow myself to feel deeply grateful for my body.

13. I choose to focus on my blessings.

14. I allow myself to let go of any resentment I might have had against someone as I begin to cultivate a positive and healing environment within my body.

15. Grudges and resentment go against healing. I choose forgiveness over resentment.

16. There are millions of soldiers in my immune system that are defending my body all the time.

17. I let go of any habits or behaviors that have been sabotaging my health.

18. I cultivate relaxation and calmness by deepening my breath.

19. I allow only nutritious and healing foods to enter my body.

20. Every time I sleep, I recover faster.

21. I allow myself to sleep deeply and peacefully for as long as my body needs.

22. With every passing moment, I am healing.

23. I allow my body to take its time to recover.

24. My body knows how to restore and maintain itself and it’s doing it continuously. 

25. An efficient self-healing mechanism is written in my genetic code.

26. I acknowledge all the instances when my body healed itself perfectly. 

27. All the cuts, bruises, and sickness that I have recovered from in my life reassure and strengthen my body’s ability to heal itself, now and in the future.

28. I trust the natural healing process.

29. I facilitate the natural healing process with healthy eating, sleeping, and thinking habits.

30. I gently harmonize my mind and thoughts to support my body’s healing process.

31. I acknowledge any worries and bothering thoughts that wander my mind as I peacefully let go of them.

32. I release anything within me that might get in the way of healing.

33. I allow myself to enjoy and cherish every single blessing in my life.

34. I choose to cultivate faith and hope.

35. I welcome divine healing light to flow through my body like a beautiful river washing away impurities with its fresh water.

36. I allow myself to be at peace with my body, with my soul, with divine Will, and with nature.

37. Every cell in my body has a perfectly written code within its DNA to create a healthy body.

38. I nurture my body with compassion, care, and kindness toward myself and others.

39. I open myself up to become more receptive to healing.

40. I open myself up to wonders and miracles.

41. I vividly visualize my body healing itself perfectly. (Go ahead and actually visualize. Make it a daily habit).

42. I nourish my body with healthy foods and clean water.

43. I nourish my mind with thoughts that support my healing and bring me joy.

44. I nourish my soul with faith, hope, gratitude, and the remembrance of God.

45. I choose to occupy my mind with an inspiring vision of my healthier and stronger self.

46. My body is doing whatever is necessary to become whole again.

47. Every organ in my body is working in my favor.

48. My heart is pumping healing nutrients throughout my body.

49. My lungs are inhaling fresh healing air that gives me life.

50. My liver and kidneys are cleansing my body of all the impurities.

51. My stomach is digesting all the necessary nutrition to strengthen my body.

52. My brain is working efficiently to keep all the systems running smoothly and in perfect harmony.

53. My body is doing so many good things for my health automatically without me having to worry about it.

54. I send deep gratitude to every part of my body for serving me well since the day I was born.

55. I actively choose to nurture love in my heart, for myself and others.

56. I am content with all the gifts of life.

57. From now on, I actively choose thoughts, behaviors, and activities that cultivate energy, vitality, and good health.

58. The love that I’m constantly receiving from my loved ones fills my heart and heals my soul.

59. I direct my focus toward people who bring me joy which helps me heal.

60. I practice patience and contentment during the time my body recovers.

Healing Affirmations for Physical Pain

61. Pain is one of the ways my body communicates its needs to me.

62. Sending pain signals is my body’s way of telling me that it needs attention and care in that particular area. 

63. I give my body the necessary attention and care it needs to relieve the pain.

64. I respect and honor my body’s needs.

65. I breathe deeply into the affected area and gradually release the pain with every exhale.

66. I gradually and gently divert my focus away from the pain and towards something calming and relaxing.

67. With every exhale I release the tightening and tension in my body.

68. Every pain I go through, whether it’s less or more, is cleansing my soul (a common belief in Islamic philosophy).

69. I acknowledge the pain as I allow my body to do whatever is necessary to alleviate it.

70. Life has its own ways of teaching wisdom. I welcome any learnings and wisdom that my pain has to offer.

71. I acknowledge and honor what my body is trying to tell me.

72. Pain is a sensation like any other sensation. I allow myself to detach from it as much as I can and observe this sensation curiously.

73. My body is working continuously to get rid of the pain.

74. I ask God the Almighty to relieve my pain and heal my body, indeed He is the best Healer.

75. I ask God for patience while I continue to heal.

How to Use Healing Affirmations?

As you read these affirmations, embody each and every one of them. Put your heart and soul into internalizing these affirmations.

Conviction is as important as consistency when using affirmations to reap the results you need. Visualize your body healing as you say these affirmations. 

Use these affirmations at least twice a day until you’re fully recovered and healthy (of course you can continue to use these affirmations for health and healing after you’ve healed).

How do you Heal Someone with Affirmations?

How do you Heal Someone with Affirmations

You can use affirmations to heal someone else by replacing first-person pronouns with second-person pronouns. Simply replace “I” with “you”, and “my” with “your” in the healing affirmations, and read them gently to the person you wish to heal. 

You can read these affirmations even when the receiving person is unconscious. Their subconscious mind can still absorb the energy you project towards them as you say the affirmations with intention and purpose. 

Make sure you channel good energy and have faith in the process while you say these affirmations to someone else.

If you are looking for affirmations specifically for cancer patients, see my other article:

Affirmations to Heal Cancer Patients

Feel free to check out the affirmations section where you’ll find an ever-increasing variety of effective affirmations for different aspects of life.

Why Most Affirmations Don’t Work (The Key to Effective Affirmations)

Affirmations are no magic pill and they can quickly turn into toxic positivity and delusion if not used right. 

The purpose of affirmations is not to deny reality but instead use it to help us get through the reality and challenges of life.

For affirmations to be most effective, they have to be carefully crafted so that they are in alignment with our psychological processes. 

Affirmations shouldn’t conflict with our current reality, instead, they should acknowledge what is and then ease us into shifting our state.

As the term “affirmation” suggests, it should be an Affirming, reassuring, and relaxing experience, not something that our rational mind resists and finds difficult to digest.

The problem with many affirmations we find online is that they are not structured very well and might seem cliche or even false phrases with a lack of depth and meaning.

It’s unfortunate that a lot of them are written by hired writers without any background in psychology or an adequate understanding of the human mind. That is why many affirmations seem fake, forced, or false even when we use them mindfully and consistently. 

This sometimes gives a bad rap to affirmations.

I have discussed the workings of affirmations, and why some are effective while others aren’t in more detail in my other affirmations article.

I hope these healing affirmations serve you in the best possible way. Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

You can connect with me through the Online Life Guide Youtube channel as well as the OLG Pinterest page.

I deeply wish you health and happiness. May God heal you to perfect health physically, mentally, and spiritually. Make sure to take good care of yourself.

Talk to you soon!

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